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  • About Shushtar Art College

    The Art College of Chamran university of Ahvaz had accepted the first
    group of art students in 2002.The majors available in  this college
    include a degree in computer & BA in graphics & painting.
    This college is located in the ancient city of shushtar ,90 kilometers
    distant from Chamran university of Ahvaz.The student populatin of this
    college is about 380 people & the faculty consists of 30 people.Since
    2007 Mr.Mansor kolahkaj has been the university president.

    The university president: Mansor Kolahkaj
    The deputy assistant: Ali Amiri
    The research assistant: Hossein Jelodar

    Address:The Art college of shushtar,new shushtar,shushtar city
    ,khozestan province.

    -4000 meters educational space including workshops & classes
    -3000 meters office space
    -1000 meters recreation space
    -8000 meters garden space

    -5000 meters residential space